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EM6000 Production Lacquer

HAPS FREE—ULTRA LOW VOC Meets Northeast OTC & California SCAQMD Regulations LEED CREDIT ID: EQ4.1, EQ4.2, EQ4.5

EMTECH™ EM6000 Production Lacquer (EPLv8.0) is an ultra clear, water-based acrylic lacquer that utilizes advanced polymer resins and HAPS-Free solvent technologies to provide a unique, self-leveling wood finish designed for commercial and industrial applications. Formulated for use in furniture, cabinet, interior architectural and custom woodworking applications, EPL provides a fast drying lacquer system with exceptional clarity, outstanding adhesion qualities and a nitrocellulose-type appearance and performance in a Ultra-Low VOC (ULVOC), 100% water-based system. EMTECH™ EM6000 Production Lacquer features a unique adhesion characteristic that allows it to bond to a wide variety of properly prepared substrates such as synthetic wood panels, carbon-fibre, PVC, ferrous and non-ferrous metals. This feature gives great latitude of use for the finishing professional when working with EM6000 Production Lacquer.

When used as a self-sealing system EM6000 Production Lacquer offers fast drying and sanding features identical to those of traditional nitro-cellulose lacquers and CAB acrylic systems. EPL generates excellent clarity and color definition when used with other sealer or as a stand-alone production finish. EPL is non-flammable, low in odor and cleans-up with water.


HAP's FREE 100% Burn-In Technology
USEPA AIM National VOC Compliant Fast Dry-Time
OTC / MRPO Regional Compliant Stronger then Nitrocellulose
SCAQMD Regional Compliant Excellent Clarity
LEED Credit Compliant Water Clean Up
Multi-Substrate Adhesion Performance Non-Flammable


Solids % by Weight 28.0-30.0 nv
VOC Content 31 Grams/Litre
ASTM-24 Method (Minus Water)
HAPS Content 0.0
pH 8.5-9.0
Weight Per Gallon 8.6 lbs
Viscosity 30-35 sec Zahns #2

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