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“Emtech Optimized” Fuji LX-20 HVLP Spray Gun – December 2023 Special Offer

If you’ve read any of my previous posts about spray finishing equipment, you know I’m a fan of the Fuji LX-20 HVLP Compressed Air Spray Gun.

I like its atomization quality (particularly with Emtech finishes), overall gun design, and ergonomics.

I’m not sure how they did it, but Fuji Spray managed to make a gun that’s built like a tank but feels light in your hand.

That makes it a good choice for production and DIY settings where compressed-air is available.

And here’s the best part of today’s post:

In the month of December 2023, you can get the Fuji LX-20 Compressed Air Spray Gun KIT for $348 with FREE SHIPPING.

The KIT comes complete with…

Fuji LX-20 Compressed Air Spray Gun

✅ 600 mL Nylon Gravity Cup

✅ Mini Air Regulator

✅ 1. 4mm tip set (standard with gun)

1.0mm and 2.0mm tip set (optimized for Emtech finishes)

✅ Gun Wrench

✅ Cleaning Brush

✅ User Manual


A few important notes:

This specially configured kit normally sells for $465.

Some online listings are tricky and may look like a “kit,” but they are actually for the spray gun only. Again, what I’m showing you is the entire kit which includes the LX-20 spray gun, the cup, the regulator, the extra tips sets, the gun wrench, etc.

And even if you see a “kit” being advertised, I can assure you, it’s NOT an Emtech Optimized Kit…because we’re the only ones selling it!

The Emtech Optimized Fuji LX-20 Spray Gun Kit comes with the standard 1.4 tip set, yes, and it’s great for spraying all our clear coats.

But the extra tip sets you get are the smaller 1.0 — ideal for spraying our thinner products such as EM1000 and NR4000… and the larger 2.0 tip set is perfect for our full-bodied materials such as our HSF5000, EM65000 and EM6600.

The point is, when your kit arrives from us (with FREE shipping) it’s already optimized for Emtech and ready to use right out of the box — you don’t have to spend more money on additional tip sets.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a compressed air spray gun, definitely check out this special offer while it lasts through December 2023.

10 thoughts on ““Emtech Optimized” Fuji LX-20 HVLP Spray Gun – December 2023 Special Offer”

  1. My Hvlp turbine is a bleeder type, will this gun work? Fuji LX-20? Mine turbine is the older a Turbinaire, bleeder type gun that came with it.

    1. Larry – Thank you for your inquiry.
      The Fuji LX-20 is a compressed-air gun and cannot be used on a turbine. Compressed-air guns require a compressor to feed air into the gun.


  2. I’m interested in this kit but would like to know the air requirements of the spray gun because my Air Compressor is a 26 gallon tank with a 1.6 HP motor, 160 PSI, that puts out 6.3 SCFM @ 40 PSI and 4.9 SCFM @ 90 PSI. Will this spray gun work with my air compressor?

    1. Alan – Thank you for your inquiry.

      The FujiSpray LX-20 requires 15.2cfm at 26psi. While your tank is of an acceptable size at 26 gallons, the horsepower of 1.6 is low, which will require the motor cycle more frequently.
      I use a 5hp/20-gallon contractors compressor with the LX-20 for on-site work and it keeps up with the LX-20 with moderate cycling. Your unit can be used for small projects, but keep in mind that the more the motor cycles to keep the tank filled the more wear/tear on the unit.


  3. Jeff,
    Thank you for replying about my 1.6 hp compressor being a bit small except for small jobs, which mine is or will be. The job is painting 3 bathroom vanities that are 20 year-old stained/lacquered oak cabinets. I have the air compressor but no spray gun (yet) but would l love to buy a HVLP spray gun to spray my cabinets so do you know of another spray gun model/brand that would work with my compressor? I also own a Graco Pro X19 airless with the SG3 gun that accepts the RAC X FF LP (fine finish low pressure tips. I would also like to know which EMTECH products you recommend I use.
    Thanks again, Alan Mattes

    1. Alan,

      You can use the Graco X19 airless with the SG3 gun when spraying our HSF5000 Primer and/or the EM6500 Pigmented Lacquer.
      Use a 212 or a 312 size tip and adjust your pump pressure to 1000psi to start. If you find that the airless unit is pushing too much fluid you can move down to a 210 or a 310.


  4. Jeff,
    Thank you for the information on spray tip sizes for my Graco X19 airless. Before I order the pigmented lacquer EM6500, what specific information is required? If my wife likes a PPG color named Summer Suede (PPG14-14) NT14 or perhaps another color from SW what do I need to provide when placing my order? Thanks again, Alan Mattes

    1. Alan,

      Place your order for custom tint EM6500 directly on the EM6500 page.
      We would prefer that you request a Ben Moore or Sherwin-Williams color for us to match as we do not have PPG color charts in our lab.
      Simply follow the drop-down boxes under the custom tint option and enter the SW color name and color code that is found on the SW color chip.

  5. Jeff,
    Thanks for special offer on the Fuji LX-20. Have been wanting to upgrade and just couldn’t pass it up. After using it I have to say that I am sorry I waited this long. The difference between the finish I just completed and past projects is amazing. I didn’t receive it in time to spray my tint coats with your sanding sealer but used the Fuji for my clear coats of EM-6000. The results were impressive. I started woodworking about a year ago and 3 months in I decided to switch to water based coatings and decided to try your products. With the information and “how tos” provided on your website (along with a couple of phone calls) I have gone from making some amateurish looking pieces to producing some quality furniture. I used to enjoy building it but disliked finishing it. With this gun and your products I now enjoy both.
    Thanks for all your help.

    1. Patrick,
      Thank you very much for this feedback. It’s wonderful to hear you’re having great success with the Fuji LX-20 and our water based coatings. Keep in touch in the future as we continue to build on our “How To” articles and videos for spray finishing professionals and hobbyist.
      -Seth Kline

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