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The following are common questions that come up during technical conversations. This list of frequently asked questions will grow as we post more information culled from our daily conversations with our customers.

Don’t see a question that pertains to your immediate needs? Contact Us—call us directly or send us your question on our contact form. You can also view our EMTECH™ Product Use, Technical Information and Safety Data Sheets.

Can I Use Zinsser SealCoat Underneath EMTECH™ WB Finishes?

Yes. You can use Zinsser SealCoat underneath any EMTECH™ water based sealers or topcoats. However, we stress that you reduce the SealCoat with denatured alcohol at a ratio of 1:1 before applying SealCoat as a bed coat or intermediate seal coat. Full strength Zinsser SealCoat may create a fine craze or crackle effect underneath high pH water based finishes. To prevent this effect we highly recommend that you, 1) Reduce the SealCoat, 2) Apply thin coats, averaging 1-2mils in wet film thickness, 3) Do not exceed two coats of reduced SealCoat prior to applying EMTECH™ finishes.

Will EMTECH water based finishes freeze or become damaged when shipped during winter months?

No. However, we are careful when we ship materials during deep freezing temperatures to ensure that certain formulas are not shocked during long exposures to temperatures below Zero F.

Do We Ship Outside of the United States?

We ship directly to all Fifty States and Puerto Rico via FedEx. If you are interested in having our product shipped internationally, please contact us.

Can I Apply EMTECH™ Sealers & Topcoats Over Solvent/Oil-Based Stains?

Yes. All EMTECH™ sealers and topcoats will level and adhere to solvent/oil-based stains. Ensure that the stain is thoroughly dry — ( follow the manufacturers instructions for dry-time and recoat schedules) – most oil stains should dry for a minimum of 12 to 18 hours before applying any water based finish over it. Before finishing, lightly wipe the dried stain surface with a clean, lint-free cloth that is dampened with a solution of water and denatured alcohol mixed 1:1. This wipe down will remove any oils or mineral spirits that may have come to the surface of the stain during the drying cycle. Removing these surfacing spirits will ensure proper leveling and adhesion of the water based sealer/topcoat that is being applied.

Do I Need to Sand Between Coats?

No and Yes. EM6000, as well as all other EMTECH™ topcoats, has a unique burn-in property that allows the next/following coat to melt into into itself and chemically bond into and onto the last coat that was applied. The EM6000 Production Lacquer offers 100% burn-in qualities that remain functional regardless of how long ago the last coat was applied. This behavior in EM6000 is very much like nitrocellulose in its functionality. Other EMTECH™ top coats such as EM2000wvx, EM8000cv, 9000sc and EM9300 will also burn-into the last coat applied, however, this functionality begins to lower the further out in time the last coat has had to dry/cure. These coatings will chemically bond to themselves, but this functionality is not called burn-in. Therefore, no- you do not have to sand between each coat to ensure proper adhesion, but you do need to lightly sand between each coat to ensure that all surface defects are removed and do not telegraph through to the next/upper layer of the coat being applied.

Tinting EM6500 Pigmented Lacquer – How and Where?

Most independent paint stores are willing to tint paints if they know which type of tinting colorant to use. However, some store managers are shy about tinting ‘outside’ brands because they don’t know the tint strength of the base. All of our tint bases are filled to ‘Universal Tint Strength Levels’ which makes life easier for the person at the tint machine. If the paint store manager has reservations on what to use to tint the EM6500 please have him/her contact our office and we will guide them in the right direction. Also -we provide a basic list of colorants that work well in the EM6500 on the instruction panel found on the product label.

How Do I Remove the Lid From The Can? ( Seriously!..)

Use a common paint can opener or a small slot head screw driver to pop off the clips. There are usually four clips per can, so once you master the removal of the first clip it’s all becomes clear from there on in. To remove the lid use a generic paint can opener found at any paint store.

*Note – Of course we take all questions seriously, as even a question about removing the lid could indicate a quality issue. JW

Can I Mix Different Sheen’s Together?

Yes. As long as the base formulas are from the same family, i.e. EM2100 Gloss mixed together with EM2400 Flat &mdhash; they can be mixed into any ratio you like to create a variation of the four stock sheen’s that are available in each product family.

What is the Shelf-Life of EMTECH™ Water Based Finishes?

The average shelf-life of unopened EMTECH™ Water Based Finishes is 18-24 months when stored at moderate room temperatures ranging from 40 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Do We Ship During Winter Months?

Yes, we ship throughout the winter months. All of our finishes, with the exception of the USH3000 Shellac, have a Freeze/Thaw Cycle of 3X. Which means these formulas can freeze/thaw 3 times before they are damaged beyond use.

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