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Our Water Based Wood Finishes

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On our Emtech Lacquer System, including

EM1000 Universal Sanding Sealer

EM6000 Production Lacquer

EM7000hbl High-Build Lacquer

  • Free yourself from dangerous solvents and enhance wood’s natural colors with our optimized, water-based clear coating system.
  • Seal and magnify with EM1000 Sealer.
  • Protect and beautify with EM7000 (remains clear) or EM6000 Production (ambers over time).
  • Two beautiful looks – one beautiful system.

Water Based Primers

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Looking for a quality water-based primer? EMTECH® HSF5000 Primer/Surfacer/GrainFiller provides a smooth surface on wood, MDF, and plywood. It’s ultra-low VOC, dries quickly, and comes in Neutral, Primer White, or Grey. Perfect under our EM6500 Pigmented Lacquer for a durable finish. Cleans easily, ensuring health and safety.

Water Based Sealers

Seeking a user-friendly wood sanding sealer? EMTECH® EM1000 Universal Sanding Sealer enhances wood color and grain with ultra-low VOC. It penetrates deep for strong adhesion and clear finish. Fast drying, easy to sand, and perfect under clear finishes. Mix with tints for custom stains. Environmentally friendly and health-conscious.

Water Based Lacquers

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Looking for the best low-VOC water-based wood lacquers? EMTECH® offers EM6000, an ultra-clear, easy-to-spray option replacing harmful solvents. EM7000hbl, a clear, non-yellowing finish, is perfect for various projects. Both provide a durable, beautiful finish, are environmentally friendly, and safe for health. Ideal for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Water Based Varnishes

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Seeking the warmth of solvent-based varnish in an Ultra-Low VOC waterborne format? EMTECH® offers EM2000wvx, a brush-friendly waterborne alkyd varnish, and EM8000cv, a conversion varnish. Both provide rich color, fast drying, and high durability while being HAPS-Free and environmentally responsible. Perfect for enhancing wood grain and figure, they offer the beauty of traditional finishes with health and safety benefits. Ideal for any woodworking project desiring a responsible yet quality finish.

Water Based Urethane

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Looking for a high-quality, non-yellowing, water-based polyurethane for interior/exterior use? EMTECH® EM9300 Polycarbonate Urethane is your solution. It’s flexible, chemical-resistant, and durable, ideal for various surfaces. With a low VOC formula and sustainable components, it’s environmentally friendly and easy to apply by spray, brush, or roller. EM9300 ensures your projects withstand elements and maintain their beauty for years. Perfect for professionals and DIY enthusiasts seeking a lasting clear finish.

Water Based Pigmented Lacquers

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Seeking the best pigmented water-based lacquer for wood finishing? EMTECH® offers ultra-low VOC EM6500 Pigmented Lacquer in Bright White or custom colors, and EM6600 Raven Black Lacquer. Both provide excellent hiding power and can be applied via spray or brush. They’re ideal for various surfaces and topcoat rated for kitchen cabinets. For enhanced durability, pair with EM7000hbl or EM9300 clear coats for a super-durable shell. Whether you’re a professional or DIY enthusiast, these lacquers offer a sustainable, easy-to-apply solution for any color preference.

Water Based Stains

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Seeking a water-based stain that enhances wood beauty with ultra-low VOC and 100% biodegradability? EMTECH® NR4000 Natural Resin Stain is your solution. Made from renewable, plant-based resins, it’s fade-resistant and penetrates deeply for vivid color. Available in various colors or a clear amber version for custom shades, it’s easy to apply by spray, brush, roller, or wiping. NR4000 is the eco-friendly choice for a safe and stunning finish on your woodworking projects.

Water Based Additives

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Looking to enhance your Emtech waterborne coatings? EMTECH® offers CL100 CrossLinker for increased durability and chemical resistance, and SA5 Retarder to extend wet edge time for brush or prevent flash-off in spray applications. CL100 creates tighter bonds for a stronger coating, while SA5 reduces viscosity and slows dry times. Both additives are water-based, safe, and environmentally friendly, ensuring high performance with minimal impact. Perfect for any project needing that extra durability and application flexibility.


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