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EMTECH EM8000cv WB Conversion Varnish
Birch Branch Custom Woodworking, LLC
Very Durable Finish

I used the EM8000cv in semi-gloss with crosslinker to finish 3 floating shelves for a client. I sprayed 5 coats, one of which I had added some Saman water-based stain to make a toner. While installing the shelves of them slid down onto the floor. I was certain that I would have to refinish the shelf. Thankfully there were no scratches or marring on the finish! Very impressed of the durability of the finish. I will continue to purchase all my water-based finishing needs from Target Coatings.

White kitchen

1st time using Pigmented Lacquer- usually use em8000 on projects. I read your article about stacking with 9300 a week too late- thankfully I used paper in between doors- only 2 were touching, it pulled finish off right to the wood. Not too hard to fix but lesson learned. 9300 sprays really well, dries fast- I had kitchen done several weeks b4 install and noticed doors stuck at contact point so left them open till install. Overall project turned out well, learning process for me. Used 1.7 tip for 5000 and 6500- had to thin to spray well. Also cut down air pressure and adjust fan, but the end result was well liked by customer and thats what counts. We are making countertops out of pecan for this project and I think I will try the 9300- don't know what caused the sticking at door contact point several weeks after spraying but I live and learn. Maybe 8000 would be better... which one is more durable in your opinion?
Happy memorial weekend

Thank you for sharing your results using the EM6500 Pigmented Lacquer and the EM9300 Polycarbonate Urethane. While it is unusual for the Bright White, pastel tinted, and mid-tone tinted versions of the EM6500 to be tacky weeks after the initial application, the ambient conditions during the application and the wet film thickness of the EM6500 during application can play into the cure time. I recommend using the EM9300 as your clear coat over EM6500 to maintain the tint-based color continuity, and using the EM8000cv on the countertops, crosslinked with CL100 Crosslinker to improve chemical resistance.

Good Memorial Day to you and yours.

Fantastic Product

Great color lays down like nitro lacquer

Always sprays and lays down beautifully.
Add to that great customer service and you have a winning combination!


Have been using the 8300 for approximately 20 years and would never even think about going to another finish. 110 percent happy!

EM9300 on Butcher Block

Just finished a hevea wood butcher block countertop for a food pantry in the KC area. Was looking for a completely smooth and durable surface for the table they put their food boxes on for pickup. Being a very light wood, I wanted to avoid the ambering effect that happens using the sanding sealer and most clear coats.
After talking to Seth, he recommended using the HSF5000 neutral primer as a grain filler and then the EM9300 with crosslinker to achieve the durable finish required for the purpose. By spraying on a light coat of the primer and using a squeegee to work into the grain, then sanding, I was able to fill all the grain in 4 coats. No ambering at this point. I laid on 3 coats of the EM9300 semigloss with cross linker and sanded 320 down to a smooth surface. Then 1 more topcoat. The results were great. It kept the wood its light color and achieved the finish I was looking for. Only time will tell on the durability, but from the reviews I have read on the 9300 it sounds like it will do the job. Most importantly, the customer loved it. Most of my projects are finished using UTC's in EM1000 sanding sealer with EM6000 top coats, as in the cabinet portion of the table, which I also highly recommend. Thanks again for the help on this one Seth, your advice was spot on.

excellent, easy to use finish

I started using this product last year to finish walnut and maple kitchen cabinets that I was building. It was my first experience with spray finish and it could not have been easier. The results have been fantastic- the finish brings out the natural lustre and reflective properties of the wood. I have used it on hard maple, black walnut, maple burl veneer and quilted maple. Amazing results. The finish is extremely durable, even in a heavily used kitchen. I especially enjoy the low LOC nature of this finish as I use it in a self made ventilated spray booth in my basement. I used the sanding sealer as a base coat and only needed one coat of the 8000 to get great results.

Candy Coat Your Finish

This was recommended by Seth for a “candy coating” over a dark pigmented EM6500 that wasn’t drying very well. Couldn’t be happy with the results! I will be using this every time to “candy coat” EM6500. Thanks Seth!

Worked very well. It would be great if it provided better stain hiding.

Beautiful result

Put two coats on over two coats of shellac on cherry kitchen cabinetry (old work, being refinished). Dried quickly, easy cleanup and a beautiful result. Brushed, not sprayed, but still a very uniform surface.

Life-saver literally

Had an architect that spec'd a very specific yacht lacquer paint from Holland. Great for boats, but so awful as a furniture finish. Days between sanding and recoating. Very real health risks.
Target coatings matched the color perfectly from a paint tray sample and I had the 6500 the same week.
I don't even need to say how well it sprays, dries, sands...if you know, you know. Beautiful professional high performance finish.

EM 2000

Finish sprayed beautifully & looked great as all the products I've used
over the years from Target.

Great product and service

I was planning on making a growth chart for my grandchild with a piece a black walnut with a live edge. I contacted Seth Kline, and he gave me great advice with respect to how the product would appear, and what to do to make sure that the acrylic paint for the scale for the growth chart didn't bleed into the wood and was properly covered with the polyurethane after the acrylic was applied This is even before I bought the product. I then bought the productand applied it as Seth suggested. Te growth chart looks great with a beautiful, smooth satin finish. I Will always contact target coding in the future when doing other wood finishing.

I've been using EM6000 as my main finish in my furniture refinishing business for over a year now. I am very impressed with the ease of use/cleanup, sprayability, and the quality of the finish when dry. This product and Target Coatings never disappoint me.

Amazing finish and speed! The finish looks factory. Cant even compare to using products like SW Emerald or BM Advance. Topped with EM7000 and its just that much better!! Customer support is 10 out of 10 as well! buy with confidence!!

This is the best primer/surfacer I’ve ever used. Three decades of finishing behind me and amazing an old dog can learn new tricks

I'm a relatively new customer/user of Target Coatings products. I was in the middle of a large solid walnut tabletop and I had ordered a gallon of EM6000 and it arrived just in time. Upon opening the shipping container I discovered that the shipper had damaged the can. I was able to reach Jeff that very afternoon. I sent him pictures of the damage and he began the process of sending a replacement. I told him about my time constraints and he was gracious enough to offer hints as to how I might salvage some of the product in the damaged can. The EM6000 performed just as the literature and Jeff himself said it would. I am well satisfied with the products and even more impressed with Jeff as a human being and a professional businessman.
Thanks, Dan H

Do you have the model em6128 gloss acrylic lacquer

Barry - Yes, the EM6128 is the SKU for the gloss version of the EM6000 in a gallon configuration.


This is my go to product for all of our tables

Zach - Thank you for sharing your position on our EM8000cv. Yes, it is a very durable product for tabletop use when crosslinked w/CL100.


We've always use cross linker additive in our finish for tables. Always good assurance we're getting the most durable finish.

Thank you, Zak!

Hi Jeff,

my question is if there is toxic aziridine in the crosslinker. Years ago I had big problems with my hands because of inflamed skin. When the dermatologist then showed me the data sheet with the ingredient azridine, I got a shock.

Greetings, Bruno

Bruno - No, we do not use aziridine in our crosslinker. CL100 is an ester diol blend. It is slower in reaction time than aziridine but nowhere near as toxic in structure.

We are working on a few new crosslinking/catalyst options that we hope to have available in late 2022 or early 2023 once the supply-chain straightens out.


EMTECH EM2000wvx WB Alkyd Varnish
Brian Webster DBA Southern Restorations

Have used Jeffs EM2000 for exterior Doors for years and had great results, Padding, Brushing and Spraying. Dyes and Pigments work well in it to get just the right color and look I am after. Great Product, Great Company! Thanks Jeff!

Have to admit I was skeptical at first because this product sounded too good to be true. I needed something to replace the typical oil based spar product that a new customer’s previous painter had convinced them they were stuck with using on their $6000 fiberglass doors. Year after year these things were taking an extreme beating from the northern Illinois summer sun/heat and wet frigid winters. After stripping back to bare surfaces and gel staining the doors, I gave them a tack wipe with denatured after proper flash off of solvents. From there I built coats to about 4 or 5 and these doors still look brand new almost 2 years later which is insane because they face west with no shade cover. Great product. My go to for exteriors now.

Corey - Thank you for sharing your EM9300 experience with us. Yes, the Emtech Em9300 Polycarbonate Urethane is an excellent clear coat for use on fiberglass doors. We have a long, positive track record with the 9300 on fiberglass and composite door and window paks.

Keep up the good work!


Very Impressed with the service provided and the product. I purchased the Q5 on the promotion - ordered the product on a Friday and it arrived on Tuesday. On Wednesday Jeff contacted me to setup my 30 minute training. Great customer service

EM6000 is my GO TO furniture finish for most everything. I started using Target Coatings back when the products still bore the "Oxford" brand. I was immediately sold on their ease of use, flow-out, and burn in without the harmful fumes of the NC lacquer I had grown up using. The satin sheen feel almost soft to the touch while the gloss sheen is able to take a very satisfying polish.

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