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Product Use, Technical Information and Safety Data Sheets

Target Coatings is committed to providing the highest quality, professional grade, water-based finish technology for every project need. Above all, we’re also committed to protecting the environment, our customers’ safety, and our employees’ safety.

This chart is designed to help guide you through the suggested uses of each product within the EMTECH™ line. Each product is shown within its color-coded category–along with its recommended use, how it appears when cured, and its assigned LEED Point System.

The Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and Technical Data Sheets (TDS) for every one of our finishes and additives is here as well. The information in these data sheets includes technical specifications, all ingredient listings, health, safety, fire and environmental hazard information, handling, storage and disposal guidelines, and accidental spill and exposure first aid procedures.

As always, if you have any questions on anything you don’t see in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), please contact us.

Water Based Primers & Sealers

Water Based Lacquers, Varnishes & Urethanes

Water Based Pigmented Lacquers

Water Based Stains

Water Based Additives

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