NEW for 2020 – The Emtech NR4000 Stain Series replaces the older WR4000 Hybrid Linseed Oil Stains Series.

The NEW NR4000 (NR for Natural Resin) is built upon a renewable, plant-based resin compound that offers ultra-low VOC emissions and cleans up with tap water. The NR4000 base contains zero hydrocarbon or ethylene based solvents and is 100% biodegradable.

Due to the very small particle size of this unique resin structure, the NR4000 base allows for 100% color transparency in the dye stain versions, as well as excellent wetting and color transfer to the substrate when dye and pigment colorants are used to create translucent colors.

To view each color in the pallette simply click on the “Color Sample” tab that is below the image carousel.