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Water Based Varnishes

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Are you looking for the warm color tone and durability of a solvent or oil based varnish, but want a rapid drying, Ultra-Low VOC, and HAPS-Free option for all your wood finishing projects? EMTECH® has you covered!

EMTECH® EM2000wvx, or Waterborne Alkyd Varnish is an excellent choice for those seeking a high quality water based varnish in a formula that is super easy to apply by spray, roller, or brush application methods. Our water based varnish is the latest technology in water and oil hybrid coatings and designed as a warm, clear wood finish for both interior and exterior applications. EM2000 Waterborne Alkyd Varnish will create the warm glow of a traditional oil based varnish to enhance the color and beauty of the wood figure and grain in your woodworking project. When compared to an oil based varnish, EM2000wvx has a much faster dry and recoat time in an ultra-low VOC formula for better health and safety.

EMTECH® EM8000cv, or Conversion Varnish is a cutting edge formulation that utilizes exclusive hybrid emulsion technologies which incorporate oil-modified resins and acrylic copolymers into a pre-catalyzed 1K water based varnish. Our conversion varnish provides the rich color tones and high durability associated with solvent and oil based coatings while remaining an ultra-low VOC and HAPS-Free wood finish. EM8000cv is the best option when you need the highest durability in a wood finish for your woodworking project combined with the environmental responsibility and sustainability of a water based finish.

Both EM2000wvx and EM8000cv represent the latest technology in wood finishes that provide the warm, rich glow of a solvent or oil based finish while at the same time maintaining the safety and sustainability of a water based formula. You will appreciate the high quality and beauty these wood finishes will bring to your woodworking projects, and can trust that you are making the responsible choice for your health and the environment.

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