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Water Based Varnishes

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Target Coatings' water based wood varnishes are a sustainable, and ultra-low VOC, HAPS-Free option for all your wood finishing projects.

EM8000cv WB Conversion Varnish is a state-of-the-art formulation that utilizes exclusive hybrid emulsion technologies, incorporating oil-modified resins and acrylic copolymers into a pre-catalyzed one-part package. This water-based varnish provides the rich color tones and durability associated with solvent-based coatings while remaining ultra-low VOC and HAPS-Free. It's a great option for those looking for a sustainable and environmentally friendly option for their woodworking projects.

EM2000wvx Waterborne Alkyd Varnish is another excellent choice for those seeking a high-quality water-based varnish. This latest technology in water-based hybrid coatings is designed for both interior and exterior architectural and specialty wood finishing applications. EM2000wvx will create the warm glow of a traditional alkyd-based varnish while defining the beauty of the substrate it's protecting. And with the speed and safety of ultra-low VOC water-based chemistries, you can feel confident in your choice of a sustainable and green option for your woodworking projects.

Choose EMTECH's water-based varnishes for your woodworking needs and get the best of both worlds - high-quality finishes that are also sustainable, green, and ultra-low VOC. Whether you choose EM8000cv WB Conversion Varnish or EM2000wvx Waterborne Alkyd Varnish, you can trust that you're making a responsible choice for both your project and the environment.

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