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Water Based Additives

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Are you looking for a way to enhance the durability, water and chemical resistance of your Emtech waterborne coatings? Do you need extra time to maintain that wet edge for brush application or prevent your spray application from flashing off in warmer temperatures?  EMTECH® has you covered!

EMTECH® CL100 CrossLinker is a water soluble chemical additive specifically designed to create tighter bonds between the resin molecules of your water based finish to build a stronger and more water and chemical resistant coating. Water based finishes and coatings fortified with CL100 have a 100 hour pot life and eliminate the expensive loss and waste of unused material.  

EMTECH® SA5 Retarder is a water based universal retarder for all waterborne coatings in the Emtech family of products. SA5 is specifically engineered to reduce viscosity and slow down dry times during high temperature spray applications or to help maintain a “wet edge” during brush and roller applications.   

Both CL100 CrossLinker and SA5 Retarder offer the safety and sustainability of water based formulas to reduce the impact on your health and the environment. You can count on our additives to give you the flexibility, ease of use, and performance boost you need to take your project to the next level.

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