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Water Based Lacquers

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Are you looking for the best water based wood lacquers that are versatile finishes, extremely easy to apply and have a very low VOC content? EMTECH® has you covered!

EMTECH® EM6000 Production Lacquer is an excellent option for those seeking a sustainable, easy to spray, ultra-low VOC wood finish. This warm, ultra-clear, water based lacquer offers the performance of a traditional wood lacquer of the nitrocellulose type without harmful chemicals impacting you and the environment. EM6000 Production Lacquer is a water based wood lacquer specifically designed to replace hazardous solvent-based alternatives. This versatile lacquer is a water based finish that is more than just a wood finish.

EMTECH® EM7000hbl, or High Build Lacquer, is a water based lacquer that is a cool, clear, non-yellowing wood finish. It is a unique clear coat designed for residential and commercial applications and provides an ultra-clear and beautiful finish for all your custom wood finishing projects, art installations, functional metal/masonry installations, and a wide range of interior projects where a durable clear finish is desired. This water based lacquer is also an excellent clear or “candy coat” over pigmented wood finishes. EM7000hbl is a Low VOC alternative to nitrocellulose lacquers and solvent-based conversion varnishes, so you can feel confident in the health and safety of all your woodworking projects during and after application of your spray finish.

Both EM6000 Production Lacquer and EM7000hbl are designed to provide the best water based lacquer possible while still being sustainable and environmentally friendly. Whether you're a professional finisher, woodworker, craftsperson, or a DIY enthusiast, you can trust EMTECH® to provide the top-quality, water based lacquer you need for your next custom or wood finishing project.

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