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EMTECH CL100 WB CrossLinker

EMTECH® CL100 CrossLinker is a water soluble chemical additive used to elevate the durability, appearance, water and chemical resistance of waterborne coatings. CL100 can be used as an additive in all of our water based clear finishes, pigmented lacquers, and primer to tighten resin molecules of the film finish and give a performance boost to the physical characteristics of the coating. The addition of 3-5% by liquid volume is all that’s necessary to enhance the coating or finish of your choice. Use in applications that require an extra level of durability like: commercial bar tops, restaurant tables, dining tables and countertops that see frequent use, and heavily used cabinets in kitchens or bathrooms.

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CL100: Give your Finish a Boost to the Next Level

100% Water Soluble for our 100% Water Based Coatings and Finishes

CL100 CrossLinker is a water soluble chemical additive used to elevate the durability, appearance, water and chemical resistance of waterborne coatings by coupling the resin molecules of the film forming finish into tighter and stronger bonds when fully cured. Our crosslinker is engineered to give a performance boost to the physical characteristics of the finish it is being blended into. CL100 increases the coating’s resistance to alcohols and high pH cleaners allowing it to withstand a longer exposure time to corrosive chemicals. Unlike other catalysts and crosslinkers on the market that can contain isocyanates and aziridine which can be very harmful to the spray applicator’s health, our crosslinker is an ester diol blend that is far less toxic and much safer during application. CL100 is non-flammable and does not increase the VOC content of our coatings, maintaining each coating’s already low VOC content and your health and safety during application. 

In most wood finishing applications it is unnecessary to add CL100 as an additive to our coatings.  We recommend the use of CL100 for specific finishing scenarios that call for extra durability and alcohol, water, or detergent resistance. Examples of these scenarios are commercial applications where the coating will receive a lot of chemical abuse from patrons and cleaning staff or residential applications where heavy and frequent use and abuse of a cabinet or piece of furniture necessitates the need for a more durable and long lasting finish. Examples of residential applications where CL100 could be used are a dining room tabletop or coffee tabletop that is frequently used or a bathroom vanity that sees daily use and frequent cleaning. 

A crosslinker that has a long pot life and won’t ruin your unused coating or spray gun

Unlike acid catalysts, which have a very short pot life, our water based CL100 is reactive to oxygen only when the coating is allowed to form a film and air dry. This greatly increases the pot life of finishes fortified with CL100 CrossLinker which will remain functional for upwards of 100+ hours when stored in a sealed container and will not harden in your spray gun, creating a nightmare scenario for cleanup.  These features eliminate the expensive loss and waste of unused material. 

What if you’re not able to use all your CL100 fortified finish in 100 hours?  No problem, just add another 1-2% by liquid volume to re-synergize the components and continue to use your mixture.    

Instructions for Use

View Instructions for CL100 CrossLinker TDS

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in
Unit Size

8 Ounces

Additional Information

Features and Benefits of adding CL100 CrossLinker to your Topcoat

  • Easy to Mix – See Below or Instructions for Use for more information
  • Long Shelf Life – 5 years
  • Non-Hazardous and Non-Flammable
  • Improves Adhesion of the Coating
  • Improves Chemical and Water Resistance
  • Improves Final Film Hardness
  • Improves Scuff and Mar Resistance
  • Improves Gloss Retention 

Simple Instructions for Fantastic Results

Determine the amount (2-5%) of CL100 Crosslinker to be added into your water based coating. Please check the
Additional Information Tab for each of our products to see our recommended amount of crosslinker to add by liquid volume to each water based coating. 

As you are gently stirring the selected water based coating, slowly add the pre-measured amount of CL100 CrossLinker.

Continue to stir the mixture for 2 minutes, then allow the mixture to settle and the components to synergize for a minimum of 30 minutes. For best results, allow to synergize 2-4 hours or even overnight to ensure optimum chemical reaction time and performance.

CL100 Crosslinker responds favorably to warmer temperatures. The minimum recommended application temperature is 65°F/18°C. For best results allow your project to dry in an area with temperatures between 70°F/21°C and 110°F/43°C.  Again, warmer temperatures are more favorable and will reduce drying and cure times. 

We recommend you apply a minimum of 3 coats of CL100 fortified water based coating for the optimum results in durability and performance. 

Instructions for Use and SDS

View Instructions for CL100 CrossLinker TDS

View CL100 CrossLinker SDS

Watch a video on how to add CL100 to any of our finishes

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Gerald Bagwell
Great product

Does exactly what it supposed to do

Zach Wedekind

We've always use cross linker additive in our finish for tables. Always good assurance we're getting the most durable finish.

Thank you, Zak!

Bruno Toussaint

Hi Jeff,

my question is if there is toxic aziridine in the crosslinker. Years ago I had big problems with my hands because of inflamed skin. When the dermatologist then showed me the data sheet with the ingredient azridine, I got a shock.

Greetings, Bruno

Bruno - No, we do not use aziridine in our crosslinker. CL100 is an ester diol blend. It is slower in reaction time than aziridine but nowhere near as toxic in structure.

We are working on a few new crosslinking/catalyst options that we hope to have available in late 2022 or early 2023 once the supply-chain straightens out.


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