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EMTECH SA5 WB Spray/Brush Retarder

EMTECH® SA5 Retarder is specifically engineered to reduce the viscosity and extend the set and dry times of all our Emtech water based clear finishes, stains, primers, and pigmented lacquers during high temperature/low humidity spray applications. Our SA5 Retarder can also be used for brush and roller applications when the need to maintain a “wet edge” during application is critical to the water based coating’s leveling ability and final appearance. We recommend a minimum of 5% by liquid volume and as much as 20% by liquid volume to achieve the results you need for a level and super smooth finish.


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SA5: The retarder you might need to get the super smooth finish you want

100% Water Based Formula for 100% Level Results

SA5 Retarder is a water based retarder designed to give you the edge you need during difficult application conditions. Our retarder will reduce the viscosity of our coatings to make them easier to apply with smaller tip sizes and smaller and less powerful spray systems. SA5 Retarder extends the set and dry times of the coating, which can be extremely helpful to the spray applicator during high temperature/low humidity conditions or for very large projects like tabletops when extra time is needed to apply a full coat before the finish begins to set and collect overspray. The retarder is also extremely beneficial for brush and roller application methods when maintaining a “wet edge” during application is critical to the water based coating’s leveling ability and final appearance. SA5 Retarder is non-flammable and does not increase the VOC content of our coatings, maintaining each coatings already low VOC content and your health and safety during application.

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Tips for Perfect Leveling Under Less Than Perfect Circumstances

To reduce viscosity and/or extend dry and set times of your preferred coating, we recommend you start with a measured 5% by liquid volume.

As you are gently stirring the selected water based coating, slowly add the pre-measured amount of SA5 Retarder.

Continue to stir the mixture for 1 minute then allow the mixture to settle and the components to synergize for a minimum of 1 hour. Check viscosity and test coating for dry and set times.

Add up to an additional 15% for a total of 20% by liquid volume of the retarder to create the ideal viscosity and/or set and dry times for application of the water based coating on your project. Do not exceed 20% by liquid volume.

SDS Information 

View SA5 Retarder SDS


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EMTECH SA5 WB Spray/Brush Retarder
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