The Fuji LX-20 HVLP Compressor Spray Gun can handle all of our coatings.
We’ve set this gun up with a 1.4mm air cap set, 1.0mm tip set, 2.0mm tip set, 600cc nylon gravity cup and a mini-air regulator gauge.
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Compressed-Air Spray Guns

The Fuji Spray® X Series has been developed to fill the gap between conventional high-pressure and HVLP spray guns. Featuring the LX-20™ HVLP Compressed Air Gun, the Fuji LX-20™ is perfect for professional and DIY spray finishing. The Fuji LX-Series is easy to operate, embodying the same familiar controls as any conventional high-pressure spray gun along with the rapid application speed and higher transfer rates. Equipped with side-mounted fan pattern control offering precise fan adjustment, reducing overspray and waste. The Fuji LX-20™ is intuitive, lightweight, and easy to handle.

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Spray Gun Parts & Accessories

Every well equipment spray shop needs spray gun parts and accessories to keep the projects flowing out the door.  We have selected the right components and accessories for the various Fuji spray guns we are representing to help you streamline your selection. The air caps are preselected to match our Emtech® water based finishes, and the repair and cleaning kits are must-haves to ensure proper gun maintenance.

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