EM7000HBL: Our Non-Yellowing Lacquer Alternative

EM7000HBL Water Based Acrylic Lacquer
is an ultra clear, non-yellowing water based acrylic lacquer that utilizes advanced copolymer resins and HAPs-Free solvent technologies to provide a unique, self-leveling clear coat designed for custom and commercial applications. EM7000HBL is an Ultra Low VOC (ULVOC) alternative away from nitrocellulose lacquers and solvent based conversion varnishes. EM7000HBL features exceptional optical clarity and color magnification when applied over *pigmented base coats, i.e. painted surfaces – especially when a clear, hard shell is required to protect the underlying color coat . EM7000HBL non-yellowing lacquer features unique adhesion characteristic that allows it to bond to a wide variety of properly prepared substrates such as exotic woods, plastics, carbon fiber, ferrous and non-ferrous metals. This feature gives great latitude of use for the finishing professional when working with EM7000HBL Lacquer.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Advanced Optical Clarity and Color Magnification
  • Rapid Film Hardness & Chemical Resistance Development
  • Fast Recoat & Stack Time
  • Ultra-Low VOC & HAPs Free Emissions
  • Water Clean Up / Non-Hazardous / Non-Flammable
  • Four Sheen Options = High Gloss/90+, Semi-Gloss/65+, Satin/35+ and Flat/10+

EM7000HBL High Build Lacquer can be fortified with our CL100 Cross-Linker to create a post-catalyzed type finish system. The addition of 3 to 5% by liquid volume of CL100 will improve the physical durability of EM7000 non-yellowing lacquer by tightening the molecular structure of the cured resin. CL100 improves the resistance of the cured film against high pH cleaners, alcohols and slow evaporating household chemicals. See the TDS for CL100 Cross-Linker for more information.

*We recommend the addition of our SA5 Retarder for use with the EM7000HBL both with and without the CL100 Crosslinker additive being part of the equation. A starting point of 5% by liquid volume of SA5 Retarder will allow the EM7000HBL to form a uniform film over fully-cured paints and basecoats. An addition of 10% by liquid volume is recommended when EM7000HBL is spray-applied in high temperature/low humidity environments.

Using EMTECH CL100 Cross-Linker

Using CL100 Crosslinker in Emtech Waterborne Top Coats from Jeff Weiss on Vimeo.

Directions for Use

All surfaces to be finished must be clean and free of oil, dust and contamination that may cause fisheyes or poor adhesion. Clean surface with denatured alcohol or fresh water. Allow surface to thoroughly dry before proceeding. Fine sand surface to be finished with the appropriate grade sandpaper based on the type of final finish required. If the surface to be finished has a grain-filling type glaze, sealer or paste; ensure that the systems are compatible with one another by preparing a test panel before proceeding. Certain solvent-based fillers and glazes may prevent proper adhesion of the topcoat if not thoroughly cured. Ensure that grain fillers have been sanded with a minimum of 400-grit sandpaper and all contamination is removed. Oil-Based glazes should be air-dried and tested to ensure proper early adhesion of the water-based topcoat. Spray-apply each coat of EM7000 High Build Water Based Acrylic Lacquer with HVLP, Conventional or Airless/Air-assist spray equipment. Consult with your spray gun manufacturer for proper gun set-ups based on coating viscosity and intended use. Spray gun operators must wear a NIOSHA approved respirator during the spray application of this material. Consult the Material Safety data Sheet of this material for safety and health procedures.