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EMTECH NR4000 Stain Series

EMTECH® Natural Resin 4000 Stain is an excellent water based stain that penetrates deep into the wood cell structure providing rich, deep color transparency and enhancing the wood grain and figure. Choose from 11 fade resistant colors or purchase our clear base and add your own dye and/or pigment colorants to create your own custom color water based stain. NR4000 Stain is designed to give you the flexibility you need in application methods and the beauty and color pop you want on any woodworking project.

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NR4000: A Water Based Stain Safe for You and the Environment

100% Water Based Stain made from a Plant Based Renewable Resource 

Natural Resin 4000 Stain is made with a renewable plant based resin compound that is 100% biodegradable. The very small particle size of this unique resin structure in the NR4000 base allows for deep penetration into the wood cell structure and 100% color transparency of our fade resistant dye stain colors.  Our water based stain’s rich, deep color penetration into the wood grain creates a color richness and beauty that rivals oil based stains. Unlike oil based stains, NR4000 Stain has zero hydrocarbons or ethylene based solvents making it non-flammable, HAPs-Free and ultra-low VOC emissions. Our water based stain is fast drying, cleans up with soap and water, and makes storage and disposal safe and simple. 

A Water Based Stain that gives the Finisher Ultimate Flexibility

Natural Resin 4000 Stain in the Clear-Base color can be used to pop the grain figure and color of domestic and exotic hardwoods similar to a coat of dewaxed blond shellac. NR4000 Stain Clear-Base can also be used as a vehicle for creating your own custom stain color by adding water soluble dyes and pigments to the clear base. 

Natural Resin 4000 Stain can be applied by spray, brush, roller, or wiping. Our water based stain has a user friendly open time and excellent re-wetting properties which allows for easy control of lapping lines, a fairly common problem with other water based stains. This allows for an exceptionally even and consistent finish comparable to oil based stains. 

We recommend that you do not let our water based stain puddle and dry on the surface during spray, brush, or roller applications. Any excess stain should be wiped off with a clean cloth before it can dry on the surface without penetrating into the wood surface.

Natural Resin 4000 Stains are 100% compatible with all Target Coatings water based wood finishes and must be topcoated with a clear finish to maintain the color and durability of the water based stain coat. 

Instructions for Use 

View Instructions for NR4000 Stain TDS

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32 Ounces, 1 Gallon, 5 Gallon


American Walnut, Antique Maple, Brown Mahogany, Cherry Toner, Clear-Base, Dark Mission Oak, Dark Vintage Oak, Ebony, Golden Chestnut, Golden Maple, Golden Oak, Medium Oak, Queen Anne Cherry, Red Mahogany

Additional Information

A Unique Water Based Stain Formula

Unlike conventional water based stains that are built upon acrylic resins and tend to form a film higher up on the substrate fibers, Natural Resin 4000 Stains penetrate deeply into the grain patterns, allowing for a color reaction and definition that is identical to linseed oil based stains.

Another key feature of NR4000 Stains, is a user-friendly open time combined with superior rewetting properties which helps to control lapping lines, a problem commonly found with water based, acrylic stains. 

NR4000 Stains can be reduced, by up 20% by liquid volume, with our SA5 Retarder to further slow down set and dry times during difficult and/or large projects and high temperature/low humidity environments. 

Fade Resistant Stain Colors for Some Exterior Applications

NR4000 Stains in our 11 dye colors are blended with UV light absorbers and reflectors, which allow colors to remain vivid and true when exposed to UV light.

NR4000 Stains are primarily designed for interior wood furniture and project applications. However, indirect and moderate UV light exposure for exterior applications will not rapidly damage or fade these colors when properly topcoated. NR4000 Stains must be topcoated with a minimum of 4 coats, at 3-4 mils wet thickness, of EM2000wvx Waterborne Varnish or EM9300 Polycarbonate Urethane to maintain the color and durability of the water based stain coat.  

Instructions for Use and SDS

View Instructions for NR4000 Stain TDS

View NR4000 Stain SDS


Color Samples

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Derron Peck

I recently purchased some NR4000 in brown mahogany to use on an old roll-top desk we were updating. The ease of use and rich depth of color quickly told me I had made the right choice. This stuff is incredible. I topcoated it with EM2000 and it looks amazing. Very happy with the results I was able to achieve and look forward to my next opportunity to try some other colors! Great product Jeff, thanks for the hard work in developing it.

Thank you, Derron!

Mike Owen

This stain is also another excellent emtech product. Our humidity is so up and down and this stain drys really fast so I have started adding about 30% or more water and 5 to 10% retarder. I use the emtech 1000 sanding sealer first. Then It seems easier for me to mist spray a complete section and have a very damp t-shirt rag ready to wipe off. This stain is easy to maniputlate. Water re-activates it. Wipe some off with a wet rag or add another coat. It seems to work out better for me to let the final coat dry out over night before spraying filler or top coat. After using this new 4000 stain I won't be using oil stain anymore.

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