Water Based Additives

  • EMTECH SA5 WB Spray/Brush Retarder

    SA5 Universal Retarder is specifically engineered to reduce the viscosity and slow down the dry-time of our waterborne coatings during high temperature applications. SA5 is best used when EMTECH Series WB finishes are being applied with turbine HVLP spray equipment or when the substrate surface being finished is above room temperature. Start with a measured amount of 5% by liquid volume when used for spray applications. Use an addition of 10-20%, SA5 to improve the brushing and wiping actions of all our systems.

  • EMTECH CL100 WB CrossLinker

    EMTECH CL100 CrossLinker is a water soluble chemical additive used to elevate the durability and appearance of waterborne coatings by coupling the resin molecules of the film forming finish into tighter, harder bonds when fully cured. The purpose of CL100 is to give a performance boost to the physical characteristics of the finish it is being blended into.