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WR4000 Wiping Stain System is built upon a unique hybridized linseed oil base and organic dye colorants that allows for a deep, rich color penetration similar to traditional linseed oil stains. No turpentine, mineral spirits or ammonia is required for thinning this material. Ultima-WR Stains clean up with basic water and mild detergent.

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EMTECH WR4000 Series Stain System

The EMTECH WR4000 Stain System is built upon a unique hybridized linseed oil dispersion and organic colorants that allow this stain to be thinned, and cleaned with water, while still providing the deep, rich color penetration of traditional linseed oil. No turpentine, mineral spirits or ammonia is required for thinning this material. EMTECH WR4000 water based stain cleans up with basic water and mild detergent.

Unlike conventional water based stain that is built upon acrylic resins, which are prone to setting up higher on the wood structure, EMTECH WR4000 Stains penetrate deeply into the grain pattern, allowing for a color reaction and definition that is identical to historically correct linseed based stains. These linseed blends allow for the stain to remain open longer as well as preventing the lapping and fairing effect commonly found with acrylic based stains. EMTECH WR4000 Stains will generate all of the color richness of solvent-based stains, but with the safety and convenience of a water-based system. EMTECH WR4000 Stains are blended with UV absorbers and reflectors, so that the colors remain vivid and true when exposed to UV light.

The EMTECH WR4000 Clear Base (WR400xx) can be used as a “Danish-Oil” type finish, bringing out the natural color tones of domestic and exotic woods without the introduction of dyes or pigments. Again, due to the emulsified linseed oil backbone, the Clear Base will cure and age to a soft amber tone, identical to linseed oil in turpentine but without the flammability or combustibility issues inherent in the older blends.

EMTECH WR4000 Stain System is primarily designed for furniture and interior architectural applications. Moderate UV exposure for indirect exterior applications will not damage or fade these colors over a short course of time.

The EMTECH WR4000 Stain System is 100% compatible with all Target Coatings water-based wood finishes.

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American Walnut, Anthracite, Antique Maple, Antique Pine, Brown Mahogany, Cherry Toner, Clear, Cordovan, Dark Mission Oak, Dark Vintage Oak, Ebony, Golden Chestnut, Golden Maple, Golden Oak, Hickory, Hornseby, Medium Oak, Queen Anne Cherry, Red Mahogany, Wine

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