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EMTECH EM1000 WB Universal Sanding Sealer

EM1000 Universal Sanding Sealer is designed to penetrate deeply into the cell structure of the substrate being sealed, promoting enhanced adhesion qualities. The exceptional clarity of this small particle size resin enhances wood grain color image and magnification. EM1000 dried quickly and is easy to sand. EM1000 can be used underneath all of our interior-grade clear finished.

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Ultra-Low VOC Universal Sanding Sealer & Color Vehicle

The philosophy behind EM1000 Universal Sanding Sealer is to offer a truly clear, ultra-low VOC water based wood coating that allows the true substrate color to reveal itself while remaining multi-functional as a universal intermediate base coat. EM1000 water based sanding sealer is engineered to function as: a clear, universal sanding sealer, a pre-stain wood conditioner and a color delivery vehicle, i.e. special effects spray stain, shading/toning vehicle or used as a translucent stain when tinted with universal pigments or dyes.

EM1000 Universal Sanding Sealer is “water white/clear” in the can. This clarity benefits the finisher in two ways. It allows the natural wood color and image to react in a way that is very similar to solvent-based sealers, and it aids the finishers “color eye” when using the EM1000 for shading/toning and performing color matching duties as a mid-level coating in a multi stage wood finishing process. Whereas a traditional acrylic emulsion such as EM6000 Production Lacquer dries clear on wood, it can be difficult to add colors for shading and toning and to determine the true color value/strength when working in its liquid format. When using EM1000 water based sanding sealer, it is easier for the finisher to visualize the direction the color strength and value is proceeding in before taking the sealer directly to the wood substrate for further evaluation. Granted, all color matches must be performed and evaluated on the final substrate of choice, but having a color vehicle that gives the finisher a clearer visual reference point “in the beaker” makes the job that much easier and faster.

EM1000 can be tinted with ANY water-soluble dye. Also, custom pigment toning/shading colors can be made when the EM1000 is tinted with water-based UTC colorants.

NOTE: DO NOT USE EM1000 Universal Sanding Sealer underneath Emtech HSF5000 Primers or EM6500 and EM6600 Pigmented Lacquers.

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1 review for EMTECH EM1000 WB Universal Sanding Sealer

  1. Mike Owen (Verified Customer)

    This is a great sealer. I have used it straight and 50/50 mix with water. It easily sands off smooth and helps even out the 4000 stain and prep for filler or top coat.

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