You are in for a real treat this year.

The man many call, “The industry’s go to expert,” Marty Schlosser, is joining the Target Coatings community to provide handy advice, guidance and answers to your wood finishing questions (which you can ask in the comments section below).

Marty probably needs no introduction, but if you don’t already know him, here’s a summary…

Marty has been a furniture designer, maker, and finisher for nearly 50 years. At first, his interest in finishing stemmed from his desire to finish the furniture he created for family and friends.

But as his reputation as a skilled finisher grew, he began getting requests from other woodworkers to finish their work.

This opened the door to a career in production-level spray finishing and expertise that has been sought – and shared — across many publications and live events.

For example, Marty has written extensively for Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement Magazine and conducts twice-annual spray finishing workshops for Fuji Spray in Toronto.

In addition to being a highly sought after “voice” in the woodworking and finishing industry, Marty is also a past-president of the Ottawa Woodworkers Association (and a proud recipient of their Danny Proulx Memorial Award), and the founding member of Kingston Wood Artisans, the local woodworking club in Kingston, Ontario, Canada where he and his wife reside.

Now “retired” from the craft, Marty continues making furniture for his family and friends in his home-based studio workshop. He is always interested in sharing ideas with others about all aspects of woodworking and most especially, wood finishing.

To that point…

If you could ask Marty anything about wood finishing, what would it be?

Post your questions below in the comments section and he’ll share his advice with you in future articles on this blog.