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EMTECH HSF5000 WB Primer/Surfacer/Filler

EMTECH® HSF5000 Primer/Surfacer/GrainFiller is a high solids primer specifically formulated for use on open grained wood, MDF, and high quality plywood to provide a smooth, non-textured surface under our lacquer paint system. HSF5000 in the Neutral Tint (HSF5100) can be used as a stand alone grain filler under our stain bases or clear topcoats. Use on any woodworking project that requires an ultra smooth surface preparation for any of our water based clear or pigmented topcoat finish applications. Choose between Neutral, Primer White or Primer Grey tint bases for the ultimate in hiding power and grain coloring versatility.

HSF5000 is not a good tannin blocker and wood substrates prone to heavy tannin or stain bleed will require the application of a water based stain/tannin blocking primer, like Kilz2 or Zinsser Bull’s Eye 123, as a base coat under the primer. See the Additional Information Tab for more information about tannin and stain blocking.
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HSF5000: The Superior Choice for a Water Based, High Solids Primer/Surfacer/GrainFiller

Fast and Easy Smoothing Power in a 100% Water Based Formula

HSF5000 Primer/Surfacer/GrainFiller is a water based, high solids primer that provides a smooth, non-textured appearance on your wood surfaces. Our primer is specially formulated to fill in the gaps of the wood texture to prep and level your wood surface and reduce the total number of topcoat applications required to obtain a final, high build finish. HSF5000 can be applied by spray, roller, or brush and is fast drying, non-flammable, cleans up with soap and water, and makes storage and disposal safe and simple.

Grain Filling Power with the Flexibility of Creating the Color you need

HSF5000 Primer/Surfacer/GrainFiller is offered in Neutral, Primer White or Primer Grey tint bases. When used as a stand-alone grain filler, HSF5000 Neutral Tint (HSF5100) offers the ultimate in color flexibility. The neutral tint can be used as-is on light colored woods or under our NR4000 Stains. The neutral tint base can also be tinted to match the colors of darker woods or to accentuate grain patterns under our water based clear finishes. When used as a stand alone grain filler under our clear coats, HSF5000 must be worked into the grain and then level sanded to bare wood for the best results. Most grain filling applications can be done in 2 but sometimes 3 coats.

Instructions for Use

View Instructions for HSF5000 Primer/Surfacer/GrainFiller TDS

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Unit Size

32 Ounces, 1 Gallon, 5 Gallon

Tint Option

Neutral, Primer White, Primer Grey

Additional Information

Notes and Tips for Optimum Results

HSF5000 Primer/Surfacer/GrainFiller has a very high solids content (65%) by weight, which makes it a very thick and viscous coating.  Certain application techniques may require diluting and/or retarding dry times of the coating to allow for easier workability of the water based primer.  Examples of some circumstances where you would want to dilute and/or retard dry times of HSF5000 include: brush application, roller application, using a smaller than recommended (2.0 mm) tip size, or having a low pressure turbine system.

As a starting-point, we recommend you reduce the HSF5000 with distilled water by 5% by liquid volume. Then, to extend the dry time, add SA5 Retarder at 5% by liquid volume. Combine the HSF5000, water, and SA5 Retarder mixture thoroughly before measuring viscosity.  From this starting point, more water can be added to reduce the viscosity if required, or more SA5 Retarder could be added to extend dry times further.

HSF5000 Primer/Surfacer/GrainFiller is NOT a stain-blocking primer. We recommend that if the wood species or project being finished is prone to tannin/stain bleed, like red oak, white oak, ash, and certain stains like tobacco smoke residue, to apply a thin coat of water based stain and tanning blocking primer, like Kilz2 or Zinsser Bull’s Eye 123, to control stain bleed through.

A solvent based or alcohol based tannin/stain blocker can be used as a tannin blocker under the HSF5000 primer. Solvent based primers need to be fully dry and cured followed by a wipe down of a mixture of 1:1 water and denatured alcohol.  Alcohol based primers, like BIN, need to be reduced 1:1 with denatured alcohol to prevent crazing/crackling of the HSF5000 primer.

Allow HSF5000 Primer/Surfacer/GrainFiller a minimum of 2 hours dry time after the final coat before sanding and application of your pigmented lacquer paint.

Tips for Perfect Leveling Under Less Than Perfect Circumstances

HSF5000 Primer/Surfacer/GrainFiller can be reduced with our SA5 Retarder to slow down the flash time if the water based primer is drying too quickly in a high temperature/low humidity environment. SA5 Retarder is also an excellent additive for when hand application techniques with brush and roller are being used. A reduction of 5-10% by liquid volume is recommended as a starting point.

Using HSF5000 Primer over an Oil Based Polyurethane or a previously applied solvent based finish

HSF5000 Primer/Surfacer/GrainFiller can be applied over oil based polyurethane and most previously applied solvent based coatings. Proper surface preparation for application of our water based primer over previously applied oil based or solvent based finishes and topcoats is as follows:

  • Newly applied solvent based finishes will need to be thoroughly dry and cured before application of HSF5000.  Dry times will vary by type of coating and solvent base.  Please consult the manufacturer of the solvent based coating for dry times.
  • Old solvent based finishes will need to be thoroughly cleaned of any contaminants.
  • Scuff sand both new and old finishes with fine, 220G – 320G, sandpaper.
  • Wipe down both new and old finishes with a mixture of 1:1 water and denatured alcohol. Allow the water/alcohol mixture to fully flash off and dry from the surface.
  • Application of our HSF5000 Primer/Surfacer/GrainFiller can proceed as normal.

Because there are many variations in formulas for products on the market today, we recommend as a standard finishing practice that a sample is made and tested for product compatibility, proper adhesion and bond of topcoat to base substrate.

How to Increase Adhesion and Film Hardness of Primer

HSF5000 Primer/Surfacer/GrainFiller can be fortified with our CL100 CrossLinker to create a post-catalyzed type water based primer. The addition of 5% by liquid volume of CL100 will provide increased sub-level hardness and adhesion when used on difficult to finish surfaces. View the CL100 CrossLinker TDS to see directions for use and more information.

Instructions for Use and SDS

View Instructions for HSF5000 Primer/Surfacer/GrainFiller TDS

View HSF5100 Primer/Surfacer/GrainFiller Neutral Tint Base SDS

View HSF5200 Primer/Surfacer/GrainFiller Primer White SDS

View HSF5300  Primer/Surfacer/GrainFiller Primer Grey SDS

Watch a video on how to add CL100 to any of our finishes


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Worked very well. It would be great if it provided better stain hiding.


This is the best primer/surfacer I’ve ever used. Three decades of finishing behind me and amazing an old dog can learn new tricks

Larry Merlau

this is the third time I have used his product, and have had the best outcome this time. Jeff worked with me previously to get threw my problems with inadequate equipment and still got a sellable product. This time I actually enjoyed the experience. this filler was used on hard maple doors, drawer fronts and face frames with Baltic birch ply for main carcass. On a 84" sewing cabinet with a 48"x84" fold out top surface. which needed to be flat and smooth.. first coat was rough but sanded out well, i think the water base product raises the grain which gets sanded back in the first sanding, the final coat laid great with very little sanding needed, basically just a a scuff sand to get any nubs. Am pleased with outcome and will recommend this product to others, and Jeff's customer service.

Mike Owen

I have been using this on veneers and restoring old funiture. It is a great product. Easy to sand. Just keep adding coats until you get the desired fill. You can get it glass smooth or leave some detail. I always let the last coat dry over night or longer just to make sure the water is out before top coating. I have added about 5% cross link to give a litte firmer undercoat for the CV. Since I use a mini hvlp with a 1 mm nozzle I add a little water to help it atomize and flow out.

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