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EMTECH EM6600 WB Raven Black Lacquer

EMTECH® EM6600 Raven Black Lacquer is the product of choice if you are looking for a truly deep, rich black lacquer paint. You’ll love how easy this wood finish is to apply with a low spray pressure requirement and the versatility of hand application by brush or roller. Our Raven Black Lacquer offers excellent hiding power and can be used as a stand-alone finish or with our HSF5000 Grey Primer to create a truly luxurious and super smooth painted surface. EM6600 is fast drying, has superior leveling, and is a topcoat rated wood finish making it the perfect choice for kitchen cabinets, vanities, furniture, architectural millwork and much more.

EM6600 is only available in a Satin/30° Sheen. Topcoat with EM7000HBL or EM9300 Polycarbonate Urethane for more sheen options.
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EM6600: A Luxurious Looking Black Lacquer Paint

100% Water Based Technology in a Lacquer Paint System

EM6600 Raven Black Lacquer is a topcoat rated water based lacquer paint that is formulated to be a superior replacement for latex, oil, milk, and hybrid finishes for use on any project where a pigmented lacquer finish is required.  Our lacquer paint is fast drying and combined with superior leveling characteristics and excellent hiding capabilities. Our paint system will get the project done fast with an exceptional looking finish. EM6600 is 100% water based in a low VOC format and, unlike other solvent-based or oil-based lacquer paints, is non-flammable, cleans up with soap and water, and makes storage and disposal safe and simple.

Super Smooth Look and Feel

EM6600 Raven Black Lacquer can be used in conjunction with our HSF5000 Primer/Surfacer/GrainFiller (Choose the Primer Grey Tint Option), to create a high quality, super smooth, lacquer paint finish on MDF, birch, poplar, and other substrates that require pore-filling to control grain print-through.

Instructions for Use

View Instructions for EM6500 & 6600 Pigmented Lacquer TDS

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Unit Size

32 Ounces, 1 Gallon, 5 Gallon

Additional Information

EM6600 Raven Black Lacquer has excellent adhesion characteristics that allow it to bond to a wide variety of properly prepared substrates in addition to wood.  Our lacquer paint can be applied to non-ferrous metals, plastics, PVC, stone, masonry, fiberglass, and carbon fiber.

Interior Coating with Exterior Flexibility

EM6600 Raven Black Lacquer is an interior rated lacquer paint but can be topcoated with our EM9300 Polycarbonate Urethane to create a durable, water and UV resistant coating over your lacquer painted project. We recommend a minimum of 4 coats at 3-4 mils wet thickness of EM9300 for the best protection of your color coat.

It should be noted that the durability and colorfastness of these coatings using this technique is more suited for indirect and moderate UV light and moisture exposure.

Tips for Best Results when using Painters Grade Caulk

EM6600 Pigmented Lacquer is not compatible with, and should not be used as a coating over, 100% silicone caulks.  We recommend the use of acrylic latex sealants. Fast dry latex caulks marketed as “siliconized” are also acceptable. We have tested and can recommend DAP Alex Fast Dry Siliconized Acrylic Latex Caulk. Other caulk brands of a similar type should be suitable and compatible with EM6500.

It is very important that the caulk being used is allowed to thoroughly dry and cure before application of any primer and topcoats. When any caulking is not thoroughly dry, a crackle can appear in the primer or finish.  Please observe all dry and recoat times of caulk, HSF5000 Primer and EM6600 Raven Black Lacquer.  Because there are many variations in formulas for products on the market today, we recommend as a standard finishing practice that a sample is made and tested for product compatibility.

Tips for Perfect Leveling Under Less Than Perfect Circumstances

EM6600 Raven Black Lacquer can be reduced with our SA5 Retarder to slow down the flash time if the lacquer paint is drying too quickly in a high temperature/low humidity environment. SA5 Retarder is also an excellent additive for when hand application techniques with brush and roller are being used. A reduction of 5-10% by liquid volume is recommended as a starting point. 

Using EM6600 Raven Black Lacquer over an Oil Based Polyurethane or a previously applied solvent based finish

EM6600 Raven Black Lacquer can be applied over oil based polyurethane and most previously applied solvent based coatings. Proper surface preparation for application of our water based pigmented lacquer paint over previously applied oil based or solvent based finishes and topcoats is as follows:

  • Newly applied solvent based finishes will need to be thoroughly dry and cured before application of EM6600.  Dry times will vary by type of coating and solvent base.  Please consult the manufacturer of the solvent based coating for dry times.
  • Old solvent based finishes will need to be thoroughly cleaned of any contaminants.
  • Scuff sand both new and old finishes with fine, 220G – 320G, sandpaper.
  • Wipe down both new and old finishes with a mixture of 1:1 water and denatured alcohol. Allow the water/alcohol mixture to fully flash off and dry from the surface.
  • Application of our EM6600 Raven Black Lacquer can proceed as normal.

Because there are many variations in formulas for products on the market today, we recommend as a standard finishing practice that a sample is made and tested for product compatibility, proper adhesion and bond of topcoat to base substrate.

How to Enhance Topcoat Durability

EM6600 Raven Black Lacquer can be fortified with our CL100 CrossLinker to create a post-catalyzed type painted lacquer. The addition of 3% by liquid volume of CL100 will improve the physical durability of our Pigmented Lacquer by tightening the molecular structure of the cured resin. CL100 improves the resistance of the cured film against high pH cleaners, alcohols and slow evaporating household chemicals. View the CL100 CrossLinker TDS to see directions for use and more information.

EM6600 Raven Black Lacquer can also be topcoated or “candy-coated” with our EM7000HBL or EM9300 Polycarbonate Urethane to increase the durability and protection of the painted wood finish.  This can be especially desirable for Mid-Tone and Dark Colors where resin counts are lower due to higher volumes of pigments per volume.

Instructions for Use and SDS

View Instructions for EM6500 & 6600 Pigmented Lacquer TDS

View EM6600 Pigmented Lacquer SDS

Watch a video on how to add CL100 to any of our finishes

For Owners or Managers of Independent Paint and Finish Retail Businesses

If you’re interested in carrying our unique, easy to use, and affordable pigmented lacquers, please Contact us for more information about our EM6600 water-based raven black lacquer and how we can work together to give your customers some of the best water-based, sustainable, safe for the user and environment finishes on the market.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Robert McBreen
Fantastic Product

Great color lays down like nitro lacquer

Joshua Briggs

Absolutely great product
Shot with gravity gun 1.8 mm tip compressor spray set up
Added crosslinker and am thoroughly impressed with final results
Was sprayed over pine veneer substrate and hid very well
Primed with Bin 124 wb then emtech primer 2 coats and topcoated with 3 coats of raven black
Customer service is always top notch and anytime I have a question or encounter an issue response time is quick and accurate information is conveyed
Thank you Target Coatings for making the switch to WB finishes seamless and trouble free

Thank you, Joshua!


I've shot about 10 gallons of this now and continue to use it with great results. I thin with a small amount of water and spray out of a 1.4mm gravity feed HVLP. It sprays well with a 1.8 or 2.0mm without thinning. I've tried several competitive water-based products and have come back to EMTECH. It's thicker and more highly pigmented so it covers well in 2 coats where others require 3 or more. It dries and sands well.

The biggest down-side to me is that it's only available in satin sheen. This requires the addition of a topcoat to increase sheen or flattening paste to decrease sheen.

Thank you for sharing your experience with the EM6600 Raven Black. I understand your frustrations with this product being available only in a Satin sheen - we do not have a high demand for high gloss black, so we keep the inventory simpler by offering a more popular sheen level. JW

Brian Drake

This is an outstanding product, that sprays well straight from the can with a 2mm tip in a turbine HVLP set up. Surface prep is key to great results. Any flaw will telegraph... while it may offer slight fill, it requires a massive amount of costs to get there. If you take care and fill in the primer stage you will see outstanding results. I use a shellac based primer sanded to 320 and then multiple coats of finish. Usually 2-3 coats of primer then 4-6 coats of Raven Black with no sanding. I use this in LA, so I’m usually 65-80 degrees and no more than 60% humidity. If I use a top coat, my final is always EM9300 in flat.

Thank you for sharing your experience of using the EM6600 Raven Black with us. We greatly appreciate it.

david Randles

very soft finish.scratches very easy.will not buy again

David - Thank you for your comment. How long did you allow the EM6600 to cure before evaluating the final hardness?
Deep colors such as Raven Black (and other deep colors) do require a longer cure cycle, 120+ hours at 70F, to reach good hardness. Even after this period a tendency to be somewhat softer then pastel colors can be common. Two options to improve the final hardness is, 1) add CL100 at 5% by liquid volume to the last coat of the EM6600, 2) apply one or two clear-coats of EM7000 or EM9300 over the deep color to improve scuff, mar, stack resistance.

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