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2017 Kitchen Cabinet Color Forecast

Shades of grey were visible everywhere at IWF

Target Coatings recently had the opportunity to head down to Atlanta for the International Woodworking Fair in August. The IWF is a huge show that brings together vendors and representatives from both the materials processing and design industries—so you find yourself looking at everything from cabinet hardware to edgebanders, spray booths and more. And, of course, wood—including wood cabinetry, custom wood furniture and even a few guitars.

At Target Coatings, we continually keep an eye out for what colors are trending and what the color forecast will be heading into each new season. And we kept our eyes open at IWF as well. While we’ve seen a lot of deeper tones over the past few years, this year—heading into 2017—we’re seeing grey continue to take the lead for custom cabinetry.

Grey—or ‘gray’ if you prefer—was the consistent theme throughout the show—in shades ranging from a weather-distressed look (think driftwood on the beach) to shades such as gunmetal grey, platinum, dove, ash grey, battleship grey…endless shades of grey. And you might be thinking grey is a bit of a dreary color to use for the central gathering place of your home—but what we saw were shades that evoked a very natural vibe. Like pebbles on the New England coast…or stepping stones along a hike through the Black Hills. The look, especially when offset by warm, rich natural wood tones, was one of true natural beauty—really a feeling of bringing the outdoors in and surrounding yourself with complete calm.

Target Coatings Will Color-Match The Grey You Want

As we walked through the show, we talked about how Target Coatings EMTECH™ pigmented water-based lacquer can deliver the perfect grey for a new kitchen or kitchen reno. Our team will work with you to create the perfect custom color match (we’ll expertly match your favorite Benjamin Moore™ and Sherwin Williams™ colors in our custom tint lab)—and our EM6500 Pigmented water-based Lacquer is available in Pastel Base, MidTone Base, Deep Base and Clear Base so any color can be matched with water-based UTC or Zero-VOC tinting systems.


Design inspiration in shades of grey, from Zenit by Alvic

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