Jeff Weiss here, owner and formulating chemist at Target Coatings.

Over the next few weeks, you will be receiving regular messages from me in the form of “Notes from the Emtech Lab™” emails.  Consider them, “expert advice for projects done right.”

Testing new formulations in the Emtech Lab

If you haven’t heard much from me lately, it’s because I’ve been putting in overtime here at the Emtech Lab working on new formulations and upgrades to our current waterborne coatings.

Some of these formulas will be totally new (teaser alert!), and others have received their periodic “check-up,” with adjustments that I make in the Emtech Lab based on raw material reviews and customer comments.

The reason for sharing this is to let you know that I am listening to your comments, be they on Facebook, Instagram, and yes, even YouTube — all are extremely helpful!

There will be reflections on the frequently asked questions that I receive from my new and regular customers. They will focus on troubleshooting, common finishing shop problems and discussions about the art of wood finishing.

These installment emails will help us as a community of finishers – from the DIY to the professional – to bring quality information into the conversation of wood finishing.

During the next few months, we will be facing a whole array of new challenges both in our communities and on a global scale. We may find ourselves sequestered to our home shops and places of business – places where we will find the time to reflect on our families, our life as artisans, and on our craft.

This new venue will allow me to share my love of coatings chemistry and fine wood finishing based on my 30+ years in this space to help you grow your business, and your skills.

So, please keep an eye on your inbox for more “Notes from the Emtech Lab” as well as promo code announcements!