Not sure if you saw it, but Doug F., posed a great question about CFM capacity for hobbyists vs. pros on Marty Schlosser’s article on “Choosing the Best Air Compressors for Your Shop.”

You can find Marty’s informative answer down in the comments section, here.

And speaking of questions…

I received a number of them asking which compressed air spray guns I recommend.

Here’s my answer…

Over the span of 30+ years, I have used a wide array of compressed air spray guns, ranging from conventional high-pressure types…

…to what was considered new technology at the time, HVLP and LVLP guns.

As HVLP technology became more widespread, I saw an improvement in both atomization quality, overall gun design and ergonomics.

Specifically, and most recently, the Fuji LX-20 compressed air spray gun has really caught my attention in both of these categories.

This spray gun offers excellent atomization qualities when spraying modern waterborne finishes. It’s light in the hand but still has a solid feel to it.

The LX-20 is designed for use in both production and DIY settings where compressed-air is available.

And here’s what I like  best:

The Fuji LX-20 is a great HVLP spray gun for use with all Emtech waterborne wood finishes!

It can handle all of our coatings when fitted with the right air cap set. I  typically recommend to set this gun up with
a 1.4mm air cap set, 600cc nylon gravity cup and a mini-air regulator gauge to get people pointed in the right direction to spray all Emtech clear top coats such as the EM6000, EM7000, EM8000 and EM9300.

Hope this was helpful.  And now I’d like to hear your thoughts — what are YOUR favorite compressed air spray guns?

Please share your thoughts or read what others are saying in the comments section below.