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Exciting, 2024 Upgrades Available Now (with More on the Way)

We’re taking our own advice and starting the year strong!

As you may have noticed, we incorporated a bunch of new ideas and improvements to Target Coatings…and we’re not done yet.

Below are Parts 1 and 2 of our quick rundown of what’s already “live,” and what’s on the horizon…


Website Upgrades Make it Easier to Find What You Need

Some customers told us it was challenging to pick the right product and understand the best way to use it. So, we made some big website upgrades to make it MUCH easier to find the perfect finishes for your projects:

  • Product pages have new, detailed content, “pro tips,” and practical usage suggestions
  • Key features and benefits are now better highlighted for each finish
  • Easy access tabs give you a quick breakdown of crucial product details, specs, and purchase options

Streamlined Product Comparison & “Decision Guide”

We took the above idea step further and built a brand new “Product Comparison Page” to make it easy to compare each product in a given “family” side-by-side.

In the main navigation menu, simply click “Product Information” and the first drop-down menu item will take you to the chart above. With it, you can…

  • Compare the main differences between our Clear Finishes, Pigmented Lacquers, Sealers, Primers, and Stains
  • Get quick specifications for efficient decision-making, including, things like: “primary use,” “number of coats,” “dry and cure time,” “substrate compatibility,” and “recommended spray gun tip sizes.”
  • Easily navigate the product of your choice for purchase or quickly open a TDS sheet for review


If you missed Part 1, simply scroll up and you’ll find the initial upgrades we previously talked about. If you’ve already seen them, let’s move on to the following great stuff…

More Advice from Expert Woodworker, Seth Kline

Seth has 25 years experience as a woodworker, wood finisher and business owner…and 15 years experience working with Emtech® products.

In addition to being available to offer you technical assistance and advice, Seth will be creating blog posts and videos to inspire and guide you to getting the most out of your projects.

You may have seen some of Seth’s helpful articles on this blog already, and he has an ever-growing lineup of subjects to cover in the weeks and months to come. (If you have any topics you want us to consider, please share them in the comments section below.)

Empowering Professional Finishers:

One of our goals for 2024 is to better assist professional finishers in using our coatings more efficiently, offering insights into basic and advanced techniques.

You can expect additional articles and videos focusing on professional application techniques using our products. And while this content may be most relevant for pros, hobbyists and DIY finishers will find gold in here, too.

Improved Customer Support with Chat Function:

We are aiming to add a chat function to our website in the first quarter of 2024 to make it faster and easier for you to get the answers you need.

Having experienced many bad ones (as you likely have, too), we are working hard to ensure ours is convenient and helpful, not frustrating.

Those are just few of the Target Coatings improvements we wanted to tell you about. Stay tuned for more. And of course, if you have ideas for improvement, we’re all ears!

If you have thoughts on how we can enhance our website or customer experience, lets us know in the comments section below and let’s grow and improve together. Here’s to a year filled with innovation and collaboration! 🚀✨

4 thoughts on “Exciting, 2024 Upgrades Available Now (with More on the Way)”

    1. Carla,
      Thank you for your feedback! Please stay tuned as we continue to grow and offer expanded information on our products.

      -Seth Kline

    1. James,

      Thanks for the excellent feedback. I think you have great idea. I’ll work on a creating a printable format for these pages. I’m glad to hear you really like the information on these pages.

      -Seth Kline

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