Thanks to Larry H., Frank, Glen J., Corey, and Aaron H., for your comments on Marty’s tip about compressed air spray guns.

Today, I’d like to tell you about my favorite turbine spray gun.

It’s the Fuji T75G Turbine Gravity HVLP Spray Gun.

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What I find most intriguing about the Fuji T75G Turbine Gravity HVLP Spray Gun is it’s balance in-hand and overall lightness.

Even with a 600cc gravity cup filled with our Emtech HSF5000 Primer, the gun did not feel top heavy. This balance produced less hand and forearm fatigue after six hours of testing in my lab.

And when I took this gun apart to inspect its construction I found the fluid passage and all of the internal components to be sturdy and well made.

In short, the T75G is easy to use, sturdy, and gets great results.

Configured with a 1.3mm air cap, the T75G (“G” for gravity-fed) handles our Emtech water based clear coats with great atomization quality thanks to the pressurized gravity cup design.

Fitted with an ergonomically-friendly fan pattern control knob — the fan size is adjustable from narrow to a full 10″ and is fully incremental.

The Fuji T75G is a non-bleed gun. This means that air passes through the spray gun only when the trigger is pulled. The key benefit of non-bleed design is the elimination of atomization air prematurely drying the wet film while it is still in its early leveling stage.

Less air turbulence in the spray area also means less possibility of ambient contamination finding its way onto your newly applied wet finish.

A non-bleed design is a must-have feature for modern turbine-driven guns, and Fuji has gotten this feature right in the T75G design.

Hope that helps explain why this is my go-to turbine spray gun. What’s your favorite?

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