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EMTECH Water-Based Finish Q&A: February 2017

We get a lot of questions from our Target Coatings Facebook followers via Facebook Messenger—about everything from creating a semi-transparent tint, to water-based paint durability, to whether we ship to Canada. And we realize that some of those questions might be of interest to other customers out there. So we’re going to start publishing some of these here, on the Target Coatings blog, from time to time. The following are some questions (and answers from Jeff!) we’ve received about EMTECH water-based finish over the last month…

EMTECH water-based finishQuestion:

It seems that only EM6500 Water-Based Pigmented Lacquer or EM6600 Water-Based Raven Black Lacquer can be pigmented right? But as far as top coat film wear is concerned they are about the same, right? My goal is to finish paint grade cabinetry and paint grade furniture. I’m planning on using a HVLP system to apply it.


Only the EM6500 can be custom-tinted. The EM6600 is pre-tinted to a Raven Black color. It cannot be tinted any further.  In regards to choosing a clear coat to apply over the EM6500 to create a harder shell or to adjust the sheen higher/lower, I recommend that you use the EM9300 Polycarbonate Urethane for this application. It will give a good, clear final finish over the EM6500 (which is already top coat rated).


Can your pigmented lacquers be tinted to semi-transparent level? I see the EM6500 Water-Based Pigmented Lacquer can be custom tinted.


All of the EM6500 bases are opaque, not translucent. You can make a translucent version by blending 5% EM6500 into one of our clear topcoat products such as the EM9300. As for custom tinting—we match Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams.

EMTECH Water-based finishQuestion:

Is the new EM7000 High-Build Water-Based Lacquer durable like the EM9300 or do I need the cross link to add durability?


EM7000 has similar durability as the EM9300 when compared in an interior environment—so yes, they are similar is wide array of tests. Keep in mind that EM7000 is not exterior rated, so it should not be exposed to long-term exterior situations. In regard to cross-linking, it depends on what the exposures will be. If you are looking at EM7000 for musical instrument use, I think you will find it to be of equal caliber in that application.

Have a question about EMTECH water-based finish? Let us know—we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have. Stay tuned for future posts where we’ll share answers to questions others have had. And don’t forget, we also post a number of frequently asked questions (FAQ) from customers over at our FAQ page!

10 thoughts on “EMTECH Water-Based Finish Q&A: February 2017”

  1. Thanks for this.

    It would be very helpful if you could post a table, across the entire line, of what is compatible with what, in terms of blending and topcoating.

    It seems that you make a general claim of compatibility, but it would be very helpful to take the risk out of mixing if you could post it.

    Great products.

  2. I am building bookcases for a client using red oak plywood. I would like to try your products, but I am unsure of the best sealer and top coat for this application. I desire an amber colored sealer to add to the color of the red oak. I am hesitant to use lacquer because I don’t think it is durable enough. What do you recommend? What was used on the tabletop in your gallery? Thanks, Mark

    1. The best way to keep the red oak truly ‘red’ in color is to use a reduced coat of dewaxed shellac. Zinsser SealCoat reduced with denatured alcohol 1:1 will work as a pH neutralizer and preseal. Ensure that you keep the shellac coats thin.

      As for durability – our EM6000 Production Lacquer is plenty-durable for this application.

  3. Can you ad a wood stain to any of you translucent top coats such as em6000, Trying to stain some white primed embossed 6 panel doors to look like oak. Used a gel stain but the high areas are to white. I tinted some solvent based lacquer it is working but the fumes are too much.

    1. Rob – Yes, you can add uwards of 5% by liquid volume of our WR4000 Series Stains into any of our clear top coats, i.e. EM6000. Be careful not to overload the base, as the WR400 will keep the film tacky if too much is added. Another option is to use TransTint Dyes, which can be purchased at any Woodcrafter Store.

    1. Depending on the type of finish you are looking of, i.e. stained/clear/bright or a pigmented/painted finish, we offer several products that are perfect for kitchen cabinet finishing. Start with a look at our EM7000HBL as a clear system (for use over a stain or over bright/clear wood) and look at our EM6500 Pigmented Lacquer for a painted-finish.

  4. I’ve applied two coats (HVPL) of Raven Black on a large trunk. The finish is solid black but inconsistent sheen/gloss. I plan on applying 2-3 coats of EM6000 (with EMTECH CL100 additive). Will the application of the EM6000 even out to a consistent sheen/gloss? Thanks in advance.

    1. Mike – Yes, any of our clear coats applied over the Raven Black will even-off the sheen. Keep in mind that the “sheen shift” can be caused by improper atomization and a clogged air-cap, so ensure that your pressures are set properly and that ensure that the atomization holes/ports on the air cap are clean. –JW–

  5. Jeff, thank you for responding. The sheen evened out after a day. I’m waiting a couple more days to totally cure (as you recommend) before starting the EM6000. Thanks again, great customer follow up. Mike

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