EMTECH EM6500 WB Bright White Pastel Lacquer


Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 4 customer ratings
(4 customer reviews)

EM6500 Pigmented Lacquer Series has become the ‘go to’ waterborne pigmented lacquer system for the serious professional and DIY finisher. Available Bright White, Mid-tone, Deep and Clear tint bases, EM6500 can be custom tinted to match any popular paint brand. EM6500 offers excellent hiding power on poplar, maple and birch, as well as MDF and other engineered substrates. EM6500 is easy to spray at low pressures and is also brush-friendly!


EMTECH EM6500 Pigmented Spray Lacquer

EMTECH EM6500 Pigmented Spray Lacquer is the latest addition to our popular EM6000 Production water-based lacquer family. Used as a bright white or tinted base color system, EM6500 offers excellent hiding power on poplar, maple and birch. When used in conjunction with our HSF5000 Primer/Surfacer/Filler our EM6500 creates a high quality finish for MDF and other engineered substrates. EM6500 is top coat rated for kitchen cabinet surfaces, interior furniture, running trim and moderate chemical exposure surfaces. EM6500 is TOPCOAT RATED and it’s BRUSH-FRIENDLY. Please Note that EM6500 is only available in a Satin/35 Sheen.

EMTECH EM6500 Custom Color Matching. EM6500 delivers water-based custom color lacquer pros trust. As a universal color vehicle EM6500 can be tinted to match a wide array of popular Off-White Pastels, Mid-Tones, Deep and Clear Base color systems. EM6500 Pigmented Spray Lacquer is compatible with Benjamin Moore Gennex®, Sansin Eco-Tone® and Accurate Dispersion GeoShades®. Other, reliable water-based UTC colorants for in-shop tinting include Colortrend® 896 and 802 tinting colorants. Contact us to create the perfect color match you need, or for more information about EM6500 water-based custom color lacquer.

EM6500 Pigmented Spray Lacquer can be fortified with our CL100 CrossLinker to create a post-catalyzed type finish. The addition of 5 to 10% by liquid volume of CL100 will improve the physical durability of EM6500 by tightening the molecular structure of the cured resin. CL100 improves the resistance of the cured film against high pH cleaners, alcohols and slow evaporating household chemicals. See the TDS for CL100 Cross-Linker for more information.

EM6500 Water-Based Pigmented Lacquers

  • Complete Range of Satin Sheen Tint Bases
  • Water-Based Custom Color Lacquer/Custom Tints Available
  • Spray & Brush Friendly
  • Fast-Drying/Quick Sanding
  • Low Odor/VOC Compliant
  • Water Clean Up

Additional information

Unit Size

32 Ounces, 1 Gallon, 5 Gallon

4 reviews for EMTECH EM6500 WB Bright White Pastel Lacquer

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Absolutely love this product. I’ve been struggling for years with hand application of paint on my furniture and wanted to get into spraying. Its a learning curve and so far I’ve been applying with a cheap turbine hvlp that Im going to upgrade soon. This is an amazingly durable beautiful white finish but the main reason its so great are the low VOC’s when spraying. I wear a respirator when spraying which is a must. I have no where near appropriate ventilation in my enclosed basement shop but I can still spray without gassing out the whole building. It sands beautifully as well so being a newbie to spraying im still a little heavy handed from time to time so get runs here and there that are super easy to sand out. Want to try clear coating with the em7000 so looking forward to improving my spray technique and this is the perfect stuff to practice with…almost forgot the water cleanup might actually be the best thing about this.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    twags10 (verified owner)

    Great product! From the easy online ordering to the ease of application. I spray with a 2 stage HVLP and a 1.8 tip and have no issues. It goes on well, dries well in not ideal conditions and provides a great looking finished product. I love the ability to match both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams colors by simply having the code. Durability seems to be really good as well, but I need more time to fully tell. Overall, great product and will continue using it and even experiment with other lines from Target Coatings.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Susy Easterly

    This is such a great product. I have used it on several cabinet and Furniture pieces. I have used the tinted as well as the raven black. It sprays on so easy and dries fast. At my wood shop I do not have a spray booth so I try to stay away from the stinky finishes as well as those that take a long time to dry. Emtech EM6500 is the best option for me along with all the other emtech products.

    • Jeff Weiss

      Thank you for your good words and support, Susy!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    joe.gpdiamonds (verified owner)

    After much research, I settled on the 6500 as my basecoat/topcoat product for a variety of home projects, from repainting interior doors to finishing a handmade bed set for my 3 yr old grandson. FANTASTIC choice! This stuff sprays and lays down super smooth and dries quickly – allowing multiple coats within the same afternoon. The 6500 sands (both wet and dry) very easily, allowing a super smooth final coat to be applied. On the bed set, I applied the EM9000 poly over the 6500 to add a measure of extra protection from the 3 year old. Again, a fantastic finish. I highly recommend the Target products!

    • Jeff Weiss

      Joe – Thank you for sharing your experience and observations with us. We appreciate your comments.

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