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An Easy to Brush Clear Coat? See this Review of EM9300 Urethane!

Of all the key questions I receive each day when I speak with my customers, the one that pops up most often is, “Can this product be brush-applied?” Depending on the exact product being considered, my response will vary – however, of all the products in the EMTECH line, the EM9300 Water-Based Exterior Urethane comes to the forefront of user-friendliness when a brush application is required.

Check out this video by John Painter of Enduring Charm, LLC in Whitehouse Station, NJ. He answers the big question simply and honestly. Thank you, John!


EM9300 Water-Based Exterior Urethane

Target Coatings EM9300 Waterborne Polycarbonate Urethane is a water-clear, non-yellowing polycarbonate urethane coating engineered to provide exceptional adhesion to wood, non-ferrous metal, fiberglass, stone, cement and carbon fiber substrates.

EM9300 urethane is formulated as a final topcoat for high-end applications such as exterior structural architectural woodwork, beams and window/door packages and applications that require a hard yet flexible coating in high UV exposure environments.

As an exterior-grade finish, EM9300 contains UV protectants for a finish that is resistant to sun exposure that can cause graying or fading. EM9300 water-based exterior urethane offers excellent water resistance during vertical water exposures.

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