Yes, the national slowdown has begun courtesy of Covid-19 now spreading across rural America. It is popping up in areas that seemed isolated from the greater metropolitan regions – we are all waiting, watching for the curve to drop…The experts agree: we WILL get through this.

But while we do this, we as manufacturers, fabricators and artisans continue with the projects still on our order boards (and start projects of our own that we have been putting off, i.e. the shoemakers tale…)

Here is my advice to you today:

Globally sourced raw materials are experiencing delays.

Have you looked at your supply-chain lately? Where do your materials come from and what will the availability be for building materials and water-based wood coatings 30, 60, 90 days down the road when we see positive movement in our economy? (Yes, thinking positive here!…)

For example, is your lacquer (or the raw materials needed to make it) sitting in a shipping container waiting for release in Italy, Germany, or somewhere in South America? Does your water-based wood coatings supplier have enough in-stock inventory to get you through until the supply chain is fully back in motion?

EMTECH Waterborne Finish is sourced and manufactured in the USA.

Over here at Target Coatings, I’ve been working closely with our USA-based supply chain to ensure our raw materials are readily available, so you have the Emtech water-based wood coatings you need, whenever you need them.

Target Coatings resins are sourced in the US.

The resins for our EM9300 Polycarbonate Urethane, (…and the whole Emtech family) for example, are made within 500 miles of where I’m sitting (here in New Jersey), our containers and shipping supplies are stocked locally, and our packaged, ready-to-ship supply is only 5 miles away.

This is comforting to our customers, knowing our raw materials are right in our backyard – not quarantined indefinitely in an EU port.

“Made in the USA” has always meant a lot. But now it’s more important than ever.

As always, stay creative and stay well.


p.s. The EM9300 Polycarbonate Urethane I mentioned above happens to be an incredible product and one of our best sellers, too. It’s water clear and non-yellowing. Sun resistant. Hard but flexible. Tint-able. And cleans up with warm water. Check out everything else EM9300 can do for you, here.