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Celebrating Our 34th Year: Part 1 of the Target Coatings Timeline

Happy 34th Birthday to us!

Back when we reached our 30-year mark, I started getting asked a LOT about how Target Coatings started and how we’ve been able to grow and maintain our loyal customers all these years in such a highly competitive and ever-changing market.

Well, it only took me four years to put my thoughts together, and I’d like to share them with you now.

Here’s a quick, 2-minute video that explains how it all began…

I hope you enjoyed the above video explaining how Target Coatings came to be and why I chose to focus exclusively on water based wood finishes.

Stay tuned for Part 2 where I’ll explain how and why we transitioned from the Oxford brand of products to the Emtech brand.

And by all means, take advantage of the 34% discount during our 34th Anniversary Sale!

6 thoughts on “Celebrating Our 34th Year: Part 1 of the Target Coatings Timeline”

  1. Rob Cunningham

    Congratulations on 34 years Jeff!
    I’ve been using your products since 2005 and have never been let down in either quality or customer service. Wishing you continued success .

    1. Rob — Thank you for the kind words. We appreciate your business, and all of our customer who have been with us from the early days, and of course – those who are new to Emtech.


  2. scott hindman

    Congratulations Jeff on 34years of making outstanding products. You have always been there with personal support for those that needed help (like me) at any time which has fallen out on most any industry today. Its something that you provide that just cannot be replaced. I also have been here since the early stages of target coatings, just can’t remember exactly when, I have always been able to rely on the product and the support to deliver good quality work and exceptional finish. You and your company are much appreciated, my success has been partly due to you and target coatings. thank you.

    Congrats and good luck in the years to come to keep a really good thing going!

    1. Scott – Thank you for your continued business and support. Your feedback over the years has been very helpful.


  3. Hey Jeff – 34 years is a success in it’s self. Shows commitment, as does your willingness to share your insight, one on one, with your customers. I think I’ve been using your finishes on furniture and cabinetry for 20+ years. I was very surprised to learn your initial market was the boating industry. Thanks again for a great, progressive product line.

    1. Paul – It’s always good to hear from you. Thank you for your business and sharing your insight into product performance. Yes, 34 years is a long-haul.


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