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Water Based Primers & Sealers

Water Based Sealers & Primers

Target Coatings offers three different base coat sealers in the EMTECH™ line. Two products, EM1000 Universal Sanding Sealer and USH3000 WB Shellac Sealer, are designed as clear sanding sealers for use under clear coat interior projects. The third, HSF5000 Primers/Surfacer, is specifically engineered for use underneath pigmented/opaque lacquers and urethanes when applied over porous woods and MDF.

Water Based Lacquers, Varnishes & Urethanes

The EMTECH™ line of water based varnishes, lacquer and urethanes is formulated to offer a full suite of clear coat options that focus on specific qualities and functions of the surface being finished. Our clear top coats are available in non-yellowing and amber film formation optics, as well as interior and exterior exposure ratings.

Water Based Pigmented Lacquers

Water Based Pigmented Lacquers

EMTECH™ pigmented water based lacquers are designed specifically for use on interior cabinetry and mill-work where a rainbow of opaque color options are required. EM6500 Pigmented Lacquer is available in four tint bases, allowing for any color to be matched with water based UTC or Zero-VOC tinting systems. Also, we will color match your favorite Benjamin Moore™ and Sherwin Williams™ colors in our custom tint lab.

Water Based Stains

The NEW NR4000 (NR for Natural Resin) is built upon a renewable, plant-based resin compound that offers ultra-low VOC emissions and cleans up with tap water. The NR4000 base contains zero hydrocarbon or ethylene based solvents and is 100% biodegradable.

Water Based Additives

Every once in a while a top coat application needs a little help to get the final, desired effect. This is why we offer CL100 CrossLinker and SA5 Retarder. These additives adjust the early and final film formation qualities of the finish being added into – helping to adjust the cured finish perform as needed.

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