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Celebrating Our 34th Year: Part 2 of the Target Coatings Timeline

In case the announcement slipped past you a few days ago, this year we are celebrating our 34th year! 🎂

In response to (repeated) customer requests, I finally shot some quick videos explaining how we got started and how we’ve been able to grow and maintain our loyal customers lo these many years!

If you missed it, you can see “how it all began” in Part 1, here (2 minute video).

And below is Part 2, a quick look at why we re-branded from “Oxford” to “EMTECH,” and how overcoming some early challenges helped us expand from our start in the marine / boat-building industry. I hope you enjoy it…

The challenges I mentioned in the video were certainly discouraging at the time, but they really did push us to work harder and get smarter about how we formulated our products.

Speaking of which, stay tuned for Part 3 (the final in this series) where I’ll explain how we are continuously refining our existing products and the new products you can expect from us this year and beyond. 

And by all means, take advantage of the 34% discount during our 34th Anniversary Sale!


2 thoughts on “Celebrating Our 34th Year: Part 2 of the Target Coatings Timeline”

  1. Hi Jeff my question is I am using em6000 on my guitar, and using a water base stain should I be using EM1000 sealer before I use the EM6000

    1. Jim — Yes, you can use the EM1000 Sealer over a water based stain prior to applying the EM6000.
      Keep an eye on color-bleed when the first coat of sealer is applied. The bleed should lock into place after the first coat.

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