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Celebrating Our 34th Year: Part 3 of the Target Coatings Timeline

This is the third and final installment covering the Target Coatings timeline up to 2022.

We’re celebrating our 34th year exclusively making water based wood finishes, and I finally shot the much-requested videos on how we got started in this challenging but rewarding niche, and how we’ve been able to grow and maintain our loyal customers for the past 30+ years.

If you missed them, you can watch Part 1, here and Part 2, here.

And below is Part 3, my two-minute take on what you can expect from us in the years ahead…

I hope you enjoyed the above video and the entire “mini series.”  

More than just a walk down memory lane, I think it provides a better idea of who we are and why we wake up every day trying to make wood finishing easier, safer, more durable and more beautiful.

Thanks for watching, and I hope you can take advantage of the 34% discount during our 34th Anniversary Sale!


2 thoughts on “Celebrating Our 34th Year: Part 3 of the Target Coatings Timeline”

  1. With all of the problems and glitches of running a cabinet business, one of the things that I do not have to worry about is your emtech finishes. Have never had a problem with the 8300 and customers love the looks, feel, and durability of the finish.
    Keep up the good work and look forward to working with you in the future!
    Frank Fotheringham
    Brotus MIlls.

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